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Aristo Drawing Board A3 with bonus Carry Bag

Aristo Drawing Board A3 with bonus Carry Bag

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Aristo Double Locking A3 Drawing Board with Bonus A3 Carry Bag

Aristo (AH7033) A3 geo-board.  Professional drawing board, the basis for the engineers of tomorrow:

  • Solid guide track for smooth straightedge movement
  • "L" system for full use of the upper edge of the straightedge at the very bottom edge of the paper
  • Ergonomic grip with push-button stop-and-go mechanism.  Free-running mechanism
  • Additional corner clamp (A3)
  • Antislip protection cast-in on the lower side fo the board
  • Magnetic clamping rail with windows for controlling the paper margin
  • Integral compass plotting scale for picking off radii quickly  

The Aristo A3 carry bag is practical and solid featuring pockets and separations inside.  Ideal for A3 drawing boards, this black and red bag will also carry all your drawing equipment such as set squares, rulers, pens, compasses and paper.  With a wide shoulder strap this bag can be easily carried with comfort.

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