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Sanford Turquoise 2mm Leads

Sanford Turquoise 2mm Leads

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Sanford leads, 2mm, 12 per tube.  Available in strengths: 3B, 3H.


  • Strong to reduce breakage
  • Smooth for consistent laydown
  • Durable for dependable performance
  • Specially formulated for crisp, clean lines
  • Maximum opacity for perfect reproduction

Suggested Uses for different degrees

  • For freehand sketching - 6B 4 HB
  • Architectural and engineering drafting F46H
  • Architectural and engineering rendering 6B 4 HB
  • Lofting and mapping H 4 4H
  • Photo retouching prints/negatives6B 4 B6 , H 4 4H
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