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Original Frisket Film is a new name, but the same product that has been acknowledged as the best by artists and designers since 1970.  Until October 1995, when the manufacturing plant was taken over by SIMair, it was distributed by Frisk Products Limited and has always enjoyed an enviable reputation for both the quality and the consistency of performance required by discerning professionals.  SIMair continue to use the same specially formulated  adhesive that gives the low-tack characteristics, essential to airbrush aritists and others requiring control of colour application.  The fine vinyl, in either Matt or Gloss, cuts clearly with minimal pressure thus protecting the work surface to be painted underneath.

Gloss FRISKET film allows perfect clarity when used in position directly onto artwork.  it can also be used as a transparency protective colour for job presentations or work in progress.

Matt FRISKET film will accept pencil drawing so marks can be pre-prepared away from your artwork as well as cut in position.

The translucent release paper used on original frisket film allows light to come through it enabling projected images to be traced directly onto the matt surface.

Frisket is also available in other roll lengths and sheets.  Please call Drawing and Drafting on (07) 3852 1911 for further information.

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