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Faber Castell Polychromos Pastels

Polychromos Pastels

Vivid colours, supplemnted by delicate intermediate tones, form an ideal range of 100 colours which permit any desired mood.  The square cross-section allows very fine lines or large areas of colour.  Nearly all the colours posses the maximum possible resistance to fading, while their particularly high covering power allows the artist to superimpose layers after fixing and create new hues.  Superior pigments of unsurpassed light-fastness, intense colours, smooth strokes and colours stable to fixatives. 

Polychromos pastels open up an almost inexhaustible variety of colour.  They contain a high proportion of light-fast quality pigments.  These pastels have impressively bright colours and a facinatingly silky 'feel'.

By building up successive layers of different shades, you can enhance the depth of your drawings.  The colours can also be merged to form particularly delicate transitions. 
The characteristic square cross-section allows you to draw fine detaila with an edge, or shade extended areas with one face.  The crayons have a uniform consistency, are economical in use and adhere excellently to paper, card, wood and stone.  They need only a minimum amount of fixing for permanence.

Storage advice: to keep individual pastels from contaminating other colours, fill a plastic container with raw rice and poke pastels vertically into it.  The rice will keep the pastels separate and will not take on the colours of the pastels.

Pastels available boxed sets of 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 or 100 colours.  Please call +61(7) 3852 1911

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