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The smooth, perfectly round barrel feels so right in the hand, encouraging free and easy movement and wonderfully expressive drawings. The 4mm diameter lead allows naturally broad strokes and strong lines. Its composition is soft but not crumbly, with a slightly waxy texture for easy blending and shading. By simply adding more pressure on the paper, colour strength can be varied from faint and delicate to bold and intense. Derwent artists pencils combine the craftmanship of the past with the technology of the future. Only the finest pigments are used while modern production methods ensure consistently high standards. The colours are true and the quality always superb.

Derwent Artists is a traditional, large diameter colour pencil, available in a full range of 120 fabulous colours. The smooth round barrel is comfortable to hold and the generous 4mm wide colour strip encourages natural broad strokes and free, expressive drawings. Slightly waxy in texture, the pencils are easy to mix and blend, producing an infinite spectrum of hues and tints. A superb choice for all drawing styles.

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