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Conte' Charcoal Pencil


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Charcoal is a shrub-like tree originating in Japan, the charred wood of which is used in drawing.  It slightly scratches the paper and changes the surface, producing a less intense mark or line, the irregularities of which are characteristics of this combination.  Moreover, as a result of the very elaborate manufacture of Conte' charcoals, several graduations are possible, giving more depth.  The abrasive in the lead allows a style reminiscent of natural charcoal, perfect for stump drawings.

These pencils give a finish of an intense, dense and clear black.  The Conte' charcoal pencils have a stronger and more abrasive lead than traditional charcoal.  This lead does not break, making transport easy.  Well suited to portrait and poster work, the charcoal pencil blends perfectly with the sanguine and sepia pencils.  The charcoal gives a dramatic rough texture to writing and as it is in pencil form, the charcoal allows for more accurate and carefully drawn lines without dirtying your hands.  Available in HB and B strengths, the charcoal pencil is recommended for sketching both long and rapid poses.

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