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When choosing a drafting lamp:

1. Look for a longer extension than an office lamp

2. Check that the arm is supported by heavier duty springs and not regular office lamp springs - this will allow the lamp to be extended fully and not drop on your head.

3. Check for porcelain lamp fixtures or a quality warranty - many inexpensive lamps use cheap plastic fittings that break after only a few months.

4. Heat! Yes drafting lamps get quite hot! And the amount of light that is required to cover a board can be a issue if you are heat insensitive. If this is the case please purchase a flouresent lamp.

5. Electrical Fittings - Yes they are Australian plugs on all our lamps suitalbe for 240v outlets. Overseas buyers please email us to find out local suitability.

6. Local availability of replacement lamps - Lamp manufacturers warrant electrical function and manufactuing defects, NOT Bulbs or Lamps. All Drawing & Drafting Lamps have bulbs that can be purchased from any department store, hardware or electrical supply outlet.


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