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Chartpak AD Markers


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Chartpak AD markers are outstanding when particularly brilliant colours and exceptional non-streaking, non-feathering qualities are desired.  Blend, shade and colour large surfaces with perfect, even coverage.  AD markers are ideal for every drawing use, from crisply articulated tight comps to architectural renderings to expressive art.

White standard alcohol-based markers have their uses, chartpak AD markers - with their non-toxic, solvent-based formula - render unique and remarkable results on all sorts of surfaces.  Try them on paper, vellum and art board... laminates, acrylics and ceramics... even natural materials such as eggshells and seashells.  AD markers are indeed " the tools your imagination will love".

The colourless blender makes it possible to achieve smooth colour gradutions, transparent tones and an unlimited range of pastel shades.  The blender can be used to blend colours already on the art surface or it can be used in the same fashion as a paint brush.

Chartpak Markers have 200 permanent colours including a complete range of pastels and grey shades. Interchangeable nibs allow four line widths and colour consistency utilizing the same marker. Excellent for illustrations and layouts.

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